About Us

Business Intervention Inc. - Know the prognosis, stay in business.

"Decision making without diagnosis is malpractice." This is the foundation of Business Intervention Inc. business philosophy. We use a range of diagnostic tools to improve firms' decision making capacities. The results – optimized efficiency and maximized returns.

Business Intervention Inc. comprises a team of business consultants with extensive experience in operations management. The company’s expertise may be used to improve any aspect of a business’ administration, to ensure that corporate objectives are met.


To enable businesses to conduct annual diagnostics, thereby uncovering challenges and improving their life-cycles.

To assist organizations in correctly selecting interventions that will correspond with their developmental objectives.


Mr. Claudius ‘peto’ Francis is the founder of the Empowerment Group of Companies which have provided capacity-building and organizational-intervention services from 1998.

He is a former head of the Training Division and Establishment Division of the Public Service of Saint Lucia, and has worked in regional quasi-governmental and private sector organizations. He has served in the private sector organizations as a Consultant, and as an executive member of the Saint Lucia industrial and Small Business Association (SLISBA).

Mr. Francis has lectured at the tertiary level from 1982 in Public Administration, General Principles of Management, Production & Operations Management (POM) and Organization Behavior (OB), at the UWI School of continuing Education, Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC), and others.

He holds the M.A. degree in Development Administration obtained from Carleton University in 1991.

Mr. Francis is a very ambitious, self-motivated individual, but one with a social and community orientation. No challenge is too great for him to confront. Hs knowledge of public policy making and the work that he has done in the Private Sector of the Region makes him well versed in the challenges and opportunities in the CARICOM region.

His current desire is to encourage every business person to recognize the importance of conducting at least one annual diagnostic for their business, preferably at its anniversary date and at other times when major decisions are to be made, so that the best results could be achieved.

This website provides a complete service, comprising diagnostic and interventions services. This is our time to shine in the Region and these services will assist tremendously.